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Worlder Analytics provides research and development services for our clients. We focus on three core areas: “Human-Centric Sensing,” ”Machine Learning,” and “Domain Knowledge.” Integration of new technology to develop new business markets and augment existing businesses is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception. Nevertheless, in-house R&D is expensive and distracts businesses from their core activities. Our team understands this dilemma and therefore, we provide R&D services so that you can fully focus on managing and excelling in your core business. Let us take on the R&D risks for you to develop your competitive advantage. With our Human-Centric Sensing capability to predict human intention and behavior and our expertise in Machine Learning, combined with your Domain Knowledge, we generate customised Evidence-Based Business Insights to give you a competitive edge.

OMG Art showcase at Kakeru-C at Tokyo, Japan

In collaboration with UDEW, our latest activity is an art showcase to Japanese media such as Nikkei, Timeout, Fashion Press, JJ, VOCE, PEN, and Figaro. The OMG Art is an interactive demo combining our patent pending OMG technology with novel artistic expression. While customers enjoy novelty cuisines, they can also interact with an art piece using their beverage.

One More Glass (OMG) is a product borne out of intense collaboration between UDEW and Worlder Analytics. OMG enables automated monitoring and feedback for restaurants to enhance their customer experience.

One More Glass:

OMG is a patent pending technology that enhances customer experience and streamlines restaurant management methods by repurposing mature technology, such as RFID sensing, through artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Using embedded RFID tags, OMG senses water level in the glass and notifies the waiter/waitress to attend to the table. This technology improves the timeliness of table service, contributes to increased sales, and enhances the customer experience.

One More Glass Art:

Building on OMG technology to measure water level in a glass, OMG Art translates the water level information to a compelling visual representation of colorful bubbles. In OMG Art, RFID pattern variations are mapped to the excitement of bubbles. Bubble movements are sluggish when the glass is full but becomes ecstatic when the glass is empty. In the future, OMG Art will also introduce an app so that artists can create their own animations to use OMG technology as a canvas for their artistic expression.


Founded by seasoned industry veterans and marketing strategists, UDEW aims to establish new value by combining creative marketing and technology. Worlder Analytics and UDEW concluded a strategic business partnership in Japan to develop products using creative and novel technology.

About Worlder Analytics

Founded by four doctorates and a project manager from Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top universities in engineering and technology based in the United States, Worlder Analytics is built on strong technical foundation with a vision to integrate technology into products to achieve human-centric perceptions. Its business domain is in the application of new technology to the old economy induced by artificial intelligence and sensing.

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